samsung-masterThe clamshell form factor for mobile phones have definitely left quite an impression for those of us who were around in the early 2000s, especially with Motorola’s RAZR that sold a fair number of handsets before they moved on to the Android platform with the Motorola DROID. Having said that, the advent of smartphones have more or less seen the clamshell form factor “die out” along the way, considering just about all of the smartphones released today arrive in the same rectangular format, save for the varying screen sizes. Samsung might have a different idea up their sleeves with the new Samsung Master smartphone that was announced for South Korea recently.


This particular handset will come with a design that would be similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy S5 in addition to the Galaxy Note 3, especially where its faux-leather front and back are concerned. The thing is, the Samsung Galaxy Master will arrive in a retro clamshell design, making it look premium, but unfortunately, the internal hardware specifications are far from occupying the high end side of things.

Those who are interested in the Samsung Master will be able to pick from 2G as well as 3G variants, where the colors would range from Metallic Silver to Montblanc Black and Red Wine. A 3” 320 x 240 QVGA screen is accompanied by a 3MP camera at the back, alongside FM radio functionality and a pedometer. The entire device would retail for $240 a pop, and this looks set to be a South Korea-only device. [Press Release]

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