sharp aquosHigh-end smartphones these days pack a pretty impressive Full HD resolution into them. High resolution displays have been making quick progress in the smartphone world and already in 2014 we are hearing reports that QHD could be the next big thing. That being said, it seems that Sharp is getting ready to “one up” the competition by creating 600 PPI displays for smartphones and tablets.

As it stands, devices like the Oppo Find 7 with its 5.5-inch display and QHD resolution gives it a pixel density of 538 PPI, but it looks like Oppo could be dethroned by Sharp’s 600 PPI display. According to Sharp, they plan on creating displays for smartphones and tablets that range in size. For smartphones it will be a 5.5-inch display, while tablets will get 7-9-inch LCD panels instead.

The Japanese company also claims that their new panels will have the clarity to enable the viewing of 4K content. According to Android Authority, they have calculated this to equate to a 7.3-inch display at a resolution of 3840×2160 in order to achieve a pixel density of 600 PPI. Naturally for smartphones at 5.5-inches, the resolution will be lower.

Now if you were hoping to see any of these displays this year, you’d be out of luck as Sharp has announced that production will begin as early as next spring, so expect to see such devices only in 2015. It sounds pretty promising although we have to wonder if the human eye can even perceive the difference between a pixel density of 538 PPI and 600 PPI. What do you guys think?

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