jony iveApple has always been a very secretive company. While there are plenty of rumors, leaks, analyst predictions, and whatnot, Apple has rarely commented on those, which in turn helps fuel the rumors even more. However recently in an interview with The New York Times, Apple’s Jony Ive revealed that there were upcoming products by Apple which uses new materials.

His answer was in response to a question that asked him how innovation at the company felt like with Tim Cook leading the charge. He mentions that things have remained the same, thanks to the late Steve Jobs who had left behind a set of values that Apple still follows today. He also added, “I’ve worked for the last 15 or 20 years on the most challenging, creative parts of what we do. I would love to talk about future stuff – they’re materials we haven’t worked in before.”

This begs the questions as to what kind of new materials could he be talking about? Now sapphire isn’t exactly a new material as it has debuted in the iPhone before, but according to the rumors, Apple could be using a lot of it. Some have speculated that it could be for the iPhone 6’s display, while others think that it could be related to the iWatch, which could also sport a curved display.

There is also talk about the use of liquidmetal although some believe that it could still be a few years before Apple’s use of liquidmetal becomes more prominent. As it stands, liquidmetal is used to create the SIM ejector tool supplied with the iPhone. Either way Apple has promised that we can look forward to the company’s best products this year, so hopefully Apple will be able to live up to the hype that they’ve created.

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