bnlcuffWho says tech and fashion can’t mix? While Google Glass might seem a little “out there” and very obvious to the people around them, who’s to say that other pieces of wearable technology need to be just as obvious as well? After all, sometimes the saying of “less is more” is true at times.

Now we’ve seen wearable tech efforts like Ringly where it looks like a normal ring on the surface, but in reality is a piece of technology that allows notifications from your phone to be sent to it, allowing the user to know they have notifications without reaching for their phone. If you loved that idea, the folks at Beacon & Lively have launched a Kickstarter project for a smart bracelet.

Just like Ringly, the B&L Cuff from Beacon & Lively will be subtle in its design, and unless you knew what you were looking at, chances are most people would probably just assume it’s another piece of jewelry. The bracelet will come with an embedded LED that will glow when you receive a notification, and to dismiss it, all you’d have to do is flick your wrist and you’re done!

bnlcuff2According to Beacon & Lively, they designed the bracelet with fashion in mind first, and technology second, thus resulting in the design you see above. The B&L Cuff will come with a host of features, such as personalized profiles, VIP lists, vibration, and so on. Its creators also claim that the battery on the device will last about 5 days on a single charge.

While perhaps not as functional as smartwatches, the B&L Cuff looks great and if you’re just after a device for notifications that does not look too geeky, then perhaps this is a device worth checking out. The project has managed to raise $17,000 at this time of writing, with the end goal of $120,000.

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