hp-chromebook-pc-newTwo thirds of the world might be covered in water, leaving us humans with just 33% of the land to live on, but that should be more than enough already to help support the vast amount of life. Having said that, approximately 10% of the world’s countries will now be able gain access to the Chromebook, with Google having announced earlier this morning that another nine more nations will be on the receiving end of Chromebooks.

Chromebooks are released by different hardware manufacturers before, with HP being the latest in a growing list. The new countries that will open up their borders to the goodness of Chromebooks would include New Zealand, the Philippines, Norway, Denmark, Mexico and Chile, with the weeks ahead to see the likes of Belgium, Spain and Italy join the ranks of the Chromebook army.

It remains to be seen just how will Chromebooks change the face of computing in these nine countries, although it would be interesting to check out how the local populace would react to the presence of a Chromebook. Working via the cloud had never been more viable or easy than before, and the Chromebook certainly does go some way in making that happen! [Press Release]

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