cnn-drone-studyWhen it comes to the use of drones, there are many viewpoints to the situation. Some places like U.S. national parks have banned drones outright for the right reasons, while there are also others like the French football team who were spied on by a drone. If you would like to remain in your driving seat, then getting a drone warning system might do the trick for you. You can also borrow drones from the library of the University of South Florida, or watch one deliver pizza to you if you happen to reside in Russia. CNN, however, has other plans for drones – they are looking into the possibility of using drones when it comes to reporting.


News giant CNN hopes to speed up the government rule-making when it comes to making use of drones when gathering news. CNN and the Georgia Institute of Technology intend to carry out a joint study on how companies and organizations are able to operate unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in a safe and effective manner. This “research initiative”, as it is called, will see data shared with the Federal Aviation Authority.

Newsrooms are starting to look at the possibility of “drone journalism,” although there remains widespread uncertainty about the legality of the entire situation.

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