drone-leashIt is understandable that there are some out there who do not like drones. This is because drones can be pretty small and inconspicuous, thus allowing users to pilot it without it being noticed, which some believe can be used as an invasion of privacy. Well it looks like something similar has happened during the World Cup 2014.

According to reports, it seems that the French soccer team noticed a drone hovering above them during their training session at the World Cup training base. Normally this might not be a big deal, but given that this is the World Cup and that the drone could be used to film or photograph the team’s strategy and formations, it is understandable that they were upset by it.

French manager Didier Deschamps was quoted as saying, “Apparently drones are used more and more. It’s not up to me. FIFA handles this and has been carrying out an inquiry; we don’t want any intrusion into our privacy. It’s very hard to fight this these days.” However according to FIFA, they claim to have not received any such report.

That being said, a report from BFM TV has indicated that the pilot of the drone has since been arrested by the police. If found guilty, he could be charged for violating the camp’s airspace. According to the suspect, he claims that he just wanted to watch the training as he could not make it to the stadium.

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