The use of drones might have been restricted across all national parks in the U.S., but this does not mean it is no longer relevant in our everyday lives. In fact, Domino’s Pizza has been seen using drones to deliver pies within the shortest time possible, while Francesco’s Pizzeria, too, has enlisted the help of drones to make sure that hungry stomachs get filled in double quick time. Going across the pond to Russia, we have DoDo Pizza jumping aboard the drone delivery bandwagon, targeting residents in Syktyvkar, Russia.

It was last Saturday when DoDo Pizza successfully completed their first unmanned delivery, it indicates the very real possibility that drone deliveries could have turned a corner in mainstream consciousness. It took the drone 30 minutes to deliver the pizza, as it relies on GPS as well as video cameras to make sure that the correct person received his or her pizza. Apart from that, the restaurant’s manager also made a phone call to all customers to ensure that they received the correct order.

To make sure that no one on the ground will snatch its goods, the drone will always fly 20 meters above the ground, and the pizza box will be lowered to the customer using a cable. Should someone tug the cable to pull down the drone, it will detect this sudden movement, release the cable and make a quick escape.

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