google domainsOver the past few years or so, we’ve seen how Google has evolved from being a search engine to something so much more. The company has launched a variety of products and services, like email, social networks, smartphones, and are still looking at new ways at which they can conquer the internet.

Well it looks like they could soon be doing that as Google has recently announced Google Domains. For those unfamiliar, when you want to create a website with your own domain name, you will need to register it for a small annual price. This registration can be done via web hosting companies who will be more than glad to host your website as well, for a price, of course.

However with Google Domains, it looks like Google could soon be stealing some business from some companies. Now Google themselves will not host your website, but will point you towards services like Shopify or Weebly that will do it for you. Now as it stands, Google Domains is in beta and users will need an invitation code if they want to buy or transfer their domains over.

So what makes Google Domains different? Well for starters it will be run by Google, so there are some assurances there. Google will also allow users to conceal information used to register their domain for free, which is a service that some companies charge for. Google will also be providing both phone and email support.

It’s an interesting venture by Google but what do you guys think? Will your next domain purchase or renewal be done through Google Domains?

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