glass-181-updateIt was not too long ago that the XE17.3 update for Google Glass was spotted, and here we are with the latest firmware update for the Google Glass that will carry the version number XE18.1. This latest update will cater to those who cannot wait for the World Cup to kick off, since it is capable of delivering the latest information on all 32 teams in the World Cup. All that you need to do to pick up relevant information concerning the World Cup will have to pick their favorite team before Google Now provides them with updates on all team news, match updates as well as results of course, if you are a betting person.

Other than that, Google Glass has now received an ability to synchronize any photos taken when it is paired to your smartphone. Basically, each time you capture a photo using Google Glass, it will appear in the MyGlass app on your smartphone. Even better is the fact that you need not be hooked up to a nearby Wi-Fi network while you are at it.

In addition, the XE18.1 firmware update will receive additional Google Now cards, with one of the more useful ones being the Parking Location and package tracking cards. The former would let you track down your car whenever you’ve suffered from a memory lapse as to where you parked your ride, while the package tracking card will check out your Gmail inbox before notifying you as to when your package has been shipped or delivered. You also need not fret too much about battery life too, since the latest MyGlass app update will inform you whenever the battery level drops to less than 20%. [Press Release]

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