glass-xeGoogle Glass owners, here is some news for you that you might just be interested in – it seems that some of you Glass explorers out there who do check for a missed alert will experience some bit of pain or level of discomfort each time you tilt your head back in doing so. The future does seem to be a whole lot less painful or uncomfortable, as an unannounced Google Glass update has been spotted which features an experimental “notification glance” feature.

The name of this update does imply that all you need to do would be to point your eyes in the direction of the display in order to turn it on before checking out a recent notification, if any. It will be known as the Glass 17.3 update, and ought to arrive via OTA (Over The Air). At point of publishing, it does seem as though this upcoming feature cannot be applied to general use, and you are unable to shift your gaze in order to snap a photo or to obtain directions. However, the glance option does come in handy to minimizing the amount of head movement, which would make it look less weird. Couple that with changes made to the aesthetics front, and Google Glass gets more and more attractive by the day.

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