lenovo patent glassWhile Google Glass has just gone international yesterday, this does not mean that the technology giant has a monopoly when it comes to wearable viewing devices. Other companies, too, would want in on a piece of the action, computer manufacturer Lenovo included. Lenovo recently filed for a basic patent for an “Electronic Device And Sound Capturing Method.” This particular device has already made an appearance on the USPTO website, where it does seem to resemble that of a Google Glass clone, so for the sake of reference, one might call this the Lenovo Glass at the moment.

The Lenovo Glass works this way – it comes with an audio and video recorder, and will be accompanied by light-pump VOD displays which do seem to hail from the folks over at Lumus Labs. This particular configuration would make the Lenovo Glass to be a wearable heads-up display, and with the assistance of bone conduction microphones located in the earpieces, it will also introduce wireless communication into the mix.

The patent claims that this device is more of a recording device compared to that of a piece of wearable tech, which might come in handy down the road so that there will be no lawsuits from potential competitors down the road.

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