When doing contact sports like boxing, wrestling, or rugy, wearing a mouthguard is important because not only do they prevent dental injuries, but can also help protect against concussions. Of course this won’t do much if you’re hit hard enough, but how do you know if you’ve had a concussion? Well that’s what the FITGuard wants to find out.

The FITGuard is essentially a mouthguard that comes with a green LED strip in the middle. The LED strip will basically tell the wearer or the person they’re sparring or practicing with if they might have had a concussion. The LED strip will turn blue when the wearer is hit with a medium force impact, and will turn red when it detects that there is a above 50% chance that the wearer has had a concussion, and might not know about it.

The mouthguard was developed by Anthony Gonzales and his fellow Arizona State University alum, Bob Merriman. The mouthguard will also come with an accompanying smartphone app that will show why the mouthguard is displaying a certain color. The information will also be sent to a central database which will help the team further refine and improve upon the device.

Unfortunately the FITGuard is not available for purchase just yet as they are still seeking funding and have only currently created several prototypes of it. However Gonzales is pretty optimistic and confident about his product and according to him, “Our device, made right here in the good old U.S.A., is the next step in sports evolution.” Athletes, what do you guys think?

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