There has been much talk recently about YouTube and music. The online video streaming giant announced earlier today that new and hit trending tracks on YouTube will be aired on satellite radio courtesy Sirius XM. A separate show will be conducted in which the hits will be aired, the show itself will air on Sirius’ Hits 1 pop station.

Airing weekly, this new show will be called YouTube 15. At the helm will be Jenna Marbles. Ardent YouTube users need no introduction, Jenna Marbles is one of the most popular YouTubers with over 13 million subscribers.

Emerging artists will get their fair share as well alongside the most popular music artists on YouTube. Presumably the playlist will be generated based on the most number of plays during one week. YouTube 15 debuts July 11th.

This happens to be the first time that YouTube, owned by Google, has partnered with another platform to show its importance in the online music scene. This may very well be the first of many steps that YouTube takes to position itself as a serious music service while shaking off the notion that its merely a vast repository for cat videos.

Google has already confirmed that later this summer the much rumored YouTube music streaming service is going to go live. For a monthly subscription fee users will get access to tracks from major and indie labels alike sans any advertisements.

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