If you opened up YouTube today and happen to have a keen eye you might have noticed that the YouTube video player looks a bit bigger than before. You are certainly not alone. Countless users have noticed this change and some have even taken to Twitter to voice their disapproval at this change. The change comes ahead of the launch of YouTube’s new music streaming service and if word on the street is to be believed, this might have something to do with that.

The slightly bigger YouTube video player now puts the content front and center. On the other hand the community section requires a good scroll down to be accessed. If you don’t know what the community section is, its what was formerly known as the comments section which was axed in favor of Google+ last year.

Folks at TechCrunch hear that this change hasn’t been made to make the world’s biggest online video streaming website look more pretty. It has reportedly been made to support the forthcoming music streaming service that we have been hearing about for the past few months now.

Only recently this music streaming service was in the news. Content from those indie labels which don’t accept terms being offered for the new service will be removed from YouTube in the coming days, a recent report said. Google itself has confirmed the existence of YouTube’s new service and plans to launch it later this summer.

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