apple-solar-farmGoing green plays a large role in many companies these days, and this line of thinking does not come across as a surprise actually, especially when you take into consideration how the earth’s resources needs to be maximized and used sparingly in order for the next generation to have a planet to live on. Having said that, Apple has had ventured into building solar farms in North Carolina in the past, and this time around, Cupertino has purchased another 100 acres of land in order to construct a third – yes, third, solar farm in North Carolina.

Apple already arrived at a deal with the city council of Claremont, N.C., in order to set apart 100 acres of land. This new solar farm is touted to be able to churn out 17.5 megawatts, and the entire cost of its construction is tipped to run all the way to some $55 million. Sounds expensive at first glance, but all of it is chump change to Apple that is worth in the many billions.

This particular move should also see some 75 jobs created, and Apple themselves have already agreed to source the workers locally. A win-win situation for everyone, don’t you think so? With the land being valued at $1.4 million, Apple will be returning a couple of parcels back to the city so that it can be used as greenways, recreation space and other public works projects. Right now, Apple’s data centers happen to be powered by 100% renewable sources, and this is the next step to ensure that future brick-and-mortar Apple Stores will be able to run off the grid.

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