facebook-poke-proposalTruth can be stranger than fiction at times, and it is without a doubt that this is one of the rare cases where something as harmless as an accidental Facebook ‘poke’ led him to fall in love with a total stranger. Steven Kawalit and Nafis Joon crossed paths after she appeared on his Facebook timeline, where he took the plunge and sent her a ‘poke’ – which eventually ended up with them meeting and starting a relationship. Considering how Facebook played a role in the way they hooked up, he decided to propose to a surprised Nafis Joon at Facebook’s headquarters.


It is a relationship that is seven years in the making that will eventually end up in walking down the aisle, and he even brought Nafis Joon to the Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, California, citing that he actually won a competition that allowed them to enjoy a free tour around. The moment he was there, he got down on one knee and surprised her, where Facebook luminaries including CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg were there.

It is a good thing that Miss Nafis accepted his proposal, otherwise he would most probably have been gutted. This is one sliver of good news to surround Facebook after the response they received due to them performing manipulative emotional experiments on the social network without the users’ knowledge, which has since seen Sheryl Sandberg issue an apology.

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