lg linkedinWhile LG was one of the brands that Microsoft announced as being one of their Windows Phone OEM partners at the Microsoft BUILD conference, we have yet to see new Windows Phone efforts from LG. We had heard rumors that LG was getting ready to place their orders, and a rendering of a device even surfaced, but until now we have yet to see or hear anything concrete.

Well if you’re looking for more concrete proof that LG could be working on Windows-related products, a LinkedIn profile of a program manager at Microsoft in Seoul, South Korea could be the evidence that you were looking for, as discovered by @h0x0d.

As you can see in the screenshot above, it shows that the employee in question is working with LG on creating Windows-based devices. It even mentions two Microsoft products – Windows Threshold and Windows Phone Blue. The latter is essentially Windows Phone 8.1 while Windows Threshold is rumored to be Windows 9 and is expected to bridge the gap between the Windows Phone and Windows platform.

The profile also lists other LG products such as PCs and TVs, which will be interesting to see how it turns out. In any case it seems odd that LG has suddenly gone all in with Windows-related products, but until we hear from LG or Microsoft directly, we suggest you treat this with a little skepticism for now, but what say you?

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