Minuum Demos Android Wear Keyboard

If you are an Android user you might have heard about Minuum. Its a third-party keyboard that has been designed to take up as little space as possible on an Android smartphone or tablet. The team behind it has been working to take the keyboard beyond conventional mobile devices and they have their sights set on wearable devices. A couple of weeks after the Minuum keyboard for Google Glass was released the team has posted a demo of the keyboard running on an Android Wear smartwatch.

Smartwatches aren’t big on keyboards given the fact that they have small screens which are not that comfortable to use for typing. Instead most smartwatches rely upon voice commands even for replying to email and text messages. Minuum hopes to change that.

The demo that it has posted online is still a beta version of that keyboard for Android Wear smartwatches. Its essentially a single line of keys but the keyboard’s autocorrect and prediction technology takes the pain out of typing. It seems to work well enough but its ultimately up to the users to decide where its just a novelty or of actually any use.

Minuum is conducting a beta program and it will offer users to try out the software before its released to the public. Anyone with an Android Wear smartwatch can sign up here and wait to receive an email from the folks behind Minuum.

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