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Google+Samsung = Next-Gen Wear (OS)
Samsung and Google (+Fitbit) join forces to make Wear (OS) better at Google I/O. The announcement was mostly about two giant and influential companies “joining forces” to produce a “unified platform” that combines “the best of Wear and Tizen” – Tizen is Samsung’s proprietary OS, and Wear is Google’s OS for wearable devices.The presentation did not show any tangible items for the next version of Wear, but it shows that […]

Garmin Venu, GPS smartwatch with AMOLED Display
Garmin unveiled Venu, its GPS smartwatch featuring an AMOLED screen that delivers up to 5 days of battery life. Since AMOLED technology uses less energy when the display background is black, it made sense for the smartwatch maker to create such a product.

PUMA Smartwatch, Powered by Wear OS
Back in April 2018, the Fossil Group announced a 10-year partnership with PUMA to design, develop and distribute PUMA smartwatch. PUMA had to catch up to rivals in sportswear Nike and Adidas which partnered with Apple and Fitbit, respectively.

Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 Announced For Next-Gen Android Smartwatches
Qualcomm had confirmed earlier this year that it’s going to launch a new chip for Wear OS (Android Wear) smartwatches and it has done just that today. The Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 platform for smartwatches is based on a new ultra-low power system architecture that’s aimed at extending battery life while delivering new, personalized experiences. The focus on battery longevity makes sense as the battery life is one of the […]


BMW-Branded Smartwatches Will Be Launched By Fossil Next Year
Fossil, a renowned player in the fashion watch business, has announced that it has entered into a licensing agreement with car manufacturer Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft or BMW for watches and smartwatches. What this means is that BMW-branded watches and smartwatches will be available starting next year. The company won’t be making them itself, Fossil will make them and sell them under the BMW brand that it has licensed from […]

Samsung's Gear S4 Smartwatch May Be Released This August
Recent reports have suggested that Samsung is working on a new smartwatch which may be launched as the successor to the Gear S3. This is why it’s currently referred to as the Gear S4 despite reports that the company is planning to shift its Gear devices to the Galaxy branding as well. A new report claims that Samsung might launch the Gear S4 this August, possibly alongside the Galaxy Note […]

Marc Jacobs Launches Its First Wear OS Smartwatch
Quite a lot of fashion brands have already launched their Wear OS (Android Wear) smartwatches but Marc Jacobs decided to be fashionably late to the party. It has just now launched its first smartwatch powered by Google’s wearable operating system. Even though the company already offers two different watches under the Riley brand, the Riley Touchscreen is the fashion brand’s first Wear OS smartwatch.

Google May Launch Pixel Smartwatch This Fall
Google is expected to unveil its Pixel 3 smartphone at its October event this year. For the past couple of years, Google has conducted an event in October where it has launched new products, including its Pixel smartphones. Some new information has surfaced which suggests that the company will launch a Pixel-branded smartwatch alongside the Pixel 3 later this year in the fall.

Possible Huawei Gaming Smartwatch Patented
It has been a while since Huawei launched a new smartwatch and one of the company’s recent patents is anything to go by, the company might be mulling a gaming smartwatch. Huawei has already released a few smartwatches over the past few years so it wouldn’t be surprising if it came out with a new one. However, the shift to a gaming-focused smartwatch will certainly be an interesting one.

FDA Approves $249 Smartwatch That Detects Seizures
Empatica’s Embrace smartwatch isn’t like other wearable devices. Sure, it can tell you what time it is and analyze your sleep patterns, but it can also do something that almost every other smartwatch can’t. The Embrace is capable of sending the user an alert if it thinks that their body might be going into a seizure. The FDA has approved this $249 smartwatch which means it can now be sold […]

Tag Heuer Has Launched A Smaller Modular Smartwatch
Tag Heuer launched the Connected Modular 45 smartwatch last year. The modular design approach meant that customers could choose from 56 versions of the new smartwatch. The total number of combinations that could be made with additional parts like bezel designs, lugs, and straps was over 500. Some customers may have shied away from purchasing this smartwatch due to its 45mm size but that will no longer be an issue […]

Kate Spade Launches Its First Proper Smartwatch
[CES 2018] Kate Spade New York, a popular fashion brand, has never made a proper smartwatch before. It did release hybrid smartwatches in 2016 that are basically classic quartz watches with Bluetooth chips and accelerometers. At CES 2018, Kate Space has launched its first proper smartwatch in collaboration with the Fossil Group.

Misfit Command Hybrid Smartwatch Looks Quite Good
A new hybrid smartwatch has been launched today by Misfit and it actually looks quite good. It’s similar in function to Misfit’s previous hybrid smartwatch, the Phase. Hybrid smartwatches aim to provide customers with the best of both worlds. They get an analog wristwatch that has some smart features which can be used without a touchscreen display. This means that the product doesn’t need to be charged. You just need […]

Misfit Vapor Smartwatch Will Finally Be Released On October 31st
Misfit unveiled its new smartwatch called Vapor back at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 in January. It was the first touchscreen smartwatch from the company. Misfit said that it would ship the Vapor this summer but that didn’t happen. We later found out in August that the release had been delayed further. The wait will soon be over for those who want to purchase this smartwatch. Misfit is finally going […]

Huawei Watch 2 Pro Launched With eSIM Support
The Huawei Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro were announced by the company in China over the weekend but the new handsets aren’t the only hardware that it has unveiled. Something that flew under the radar completely for the past couple of weeks has also been unveiled. Huawei has launched the new Watch 2 Pro in China. This smartwatch comes with eSIM support. This was a surprising announcement, given that […]

Fossil Launches Its Smallest Hybrid Smartwatches Yet
Fossil today announced the launch of the Q Neely and Q Jacqueline, the company says that these are the smallest hybrid smartwatches that it has ever released. Geared towards female customers, the latest additions to Fossil’s Q lineup fuse new functionality with a classically design watch profile of Fossil’s best-selling styles.

T-Mobile Will Give Apple Watch Series 3 Full LTE Speeds
As per Apple’s announcement, the Apple Watch Series 3 will be offered in an LTE variant for those who want to be “free” of their iPhone. Carriers in the US have since announced data plans for the Apple Watch priced at $10 a month, but for some reason T-Mobile decided that they will only offer users 3G speeds on the device.

Movado Connect Luxury Android Wear Smartwatch Released
Several luxury brands have announced over the past few months that they will be coming out with their own Android Wear-powered smartwatches. Movado is one of them. The company is best known for its conventional fashion watches but it’s also following the smartwatch trend now by launching one itself. It has launched the Movado Connect luxury Android Wear smartwatch.

Fossil Starts Pre-Sales For Q Venture And Q Explorist Smartwatches
Fossil today announced that it’s kicking off pre-sales for its latest display smartwatch, the Q Venture and Q Explorist. The company says that its new smartwatches provide a balance of function and fashion while packing the power that users need to accomplish all of their daily tasks. It also says that the Q Venture and Q Explorist have Fossil’s slimmest case shape to date.

Fitbit Smartwatch Doesn't Feature 4G Connectivity
Fitbit’s long-awaited smartphone should be out in the not too distant future. We heard bits and pieces about the features that the company’s first proper smartwatch is going to offer. The company has now revealed itself that the Fitbit smartwatch doesn’t have standalone cellular connectivity. This means that in order to perform tasks that require an internet connection the smartwatch will need to be paired with a smartphone in the […]