It appears that Google might be thinking about rebranding its iteration of Android OS for wearable devices. The company might do away with the Android Wear moniker in favor of “Wear OS.” This according to a Reddit user who claimed to have been greeted with a new icon and moniker when setting up a new Android Wear-powered smartwatch.

Reddit user H3x0n claimed that during the setup of an Android Wear smartwatch a new icon was displayed alongside the unfamiliar moniker instead of Android Wear. The user didn’t mention in the post which Android Wear-powered smartwatch was being set up.

The new icon appears to be the letter “W” in Google’s traditional color scheme and would represent the new moniker which might be “Watch OS.” That’s obviously not to be confused with watchOS which is Apple’s iteration of its mobile platform for its smartwatch.

Google hasn’t said anything to suggest that it might be thinking about changing the name of Android Wear so it’s unclear why the company could be considering such a move. It’s not set in stone at this point in time so we’ll have to wait and see how this plays out. If Google really is going to rebrand Android Wear to Wear OS then we can expect to hear more about this decision at the company’s I/O 2018 developers conference in a couple of months.

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