free android wear appsLag is something that is very annoying to deal with, whether it be in games, on our computer, when we are surfing the net, or using apps on our phones. It also applies to smartwatches where according to reports from last year, some Android Wear devices were experiencing lag when using the “OK Google” hotword feature.

However the good news is that according to a report from users on Reddit, it looks like the problem might have already been fixed. In a post on Reddit by user citypanda, “It’s finally over. After days of testing, I’ve confirmed that the issue with OK Google Detection that’s been slowing down so many of our AW2 watches, as described here, is now resolved 🎉!”

They add, “Simply be sure the Google app on your watch is updated to v7.19.18.25arm, turn OK Google Detection off then on, and reboot your watch—everything should be fast and stay fast, and saying “OK Google” should bring up your Assistant once again.” For those who might have disabled the feature due to the lagginess, you can re-enable it after you’ve updated to see if it works for you.

It is unclear how widespread the rollout of the update is, but if you haven’t received it yet then just remain patient and it should eventually find its way to you.

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