Tetris turned 30 this year, and we have seen how the game has continued to enthrall gamers of all ages and generation throughout these decades without losing too much momentum. In fact, Tetris has gained even more exposure with so many different gaming platforms, not to mention being played on a building itself – now how cool is that? Having said that, developer Marc Kerger decided to celebrate Tetris’ 30th birthday by coming up with this interactive T-shirt that will allow one to play Tetris on the shirt itself.


There is that old saying, if you want something done, you have got to do it yourself. Kerger had always dreamt of a playable T-shirt, so he decided to go ahead and cobble one himself. This Tetris shirt will rely on an Arduino Uno microcontroller, 128 LEDs and a couple of AA batteries to let the brick dropping magic happen. Too bad that the well loved background tunes are missing, but at least you can flash it to play other games with.

It is definitely weird playing the game this way, and if you would like to challenge yourself even more, how about facing a mirror and playing it from such a position? This will definitely send your brain and fingers to work overtime, especially in the more frenzied moments of the game.

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