Another day, another iWatch rumor. Apple’s elusive smartwatch is nowhere to be seen despite the fact that with every passing day the rumor mill continues to pick up speed. There have been multiple reports which claim that the smartwatch will be released later this year though Apple itself has not confirmed anything yet. A new report published today claims the iWatch will be available in two sizes and that three models will be on offer once it finally hits the market.

We have heard the bit about different display sizes before. This report claims that the iWatch will offer a 1.6-inch and a 1.8-inch display.  The display size is believed to be the main distinction between these two models as the rest of the specifications are expected to remain the same.

The report claims that two models of the 1.8-inch variant will be offered, adding that the primary difference between the two will be the use of sapphire glass for one model. One 1.8-inch model and the 1.6-inch variant are not expected to use sapphire glass.

Apparently using sapphire glass in one model of the iWatch would pave the way for Apple to use sapphire glass in the 5.5-inch iPhone 6. Recent reports suggest that the gigantic iPhone has been delayed to 2015.

The iWatch is expected to hit the market in the third quarter of this year. Yesterday an analyst predicted that Apple’s brand loyalty and ecosystem could drive as many as 60 million units in sales for the company’s first smartwatch.

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