Here’s another indicator that the Apple iPhone 6 launch is not that far off. Today a Thai official confirmed that the country’s National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission has approved two new Apple handsets for sale. The two handsets may very well be the much awaited iPhone 6 which according to recent reports is going to be formally unveiled on September 9th.

According to a Thai publication the new Apple handsets carry A1586 and A1524 identifiers. Apple reportedly submitted applications for approval on August 5th and it was granted approval on August 8th.

Last year when the company unveiled iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c it did not seek an approval to start sales in Thailand until September 25th. Once the paperwork got through the new iPhones started shipping in Thailand on October 25th.

This time around it looks like Thailand may be one of the very first launch markets where the iPhone 6 will be shipped after launch. It typically takes up to a week after the announcement for the units to start shipping. Adding Thailand to that list will ensure that the scope of iPhone 6 launch is larger than its predecessors, Apple could be doing the same with other countries that previously had to wait for a couple of months.

Apple hasn’t commented on this report and it has not confirmed the iPhone 6 release event date as yet. Usually it does that a couple of days before the actual event, so if September 9th really is the day, we would probably get a confirmation in the first week of next month.

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