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Apple Hit With Lawsuit Over Exploding iPhone 6 Battery
While there is a lot of research being done on battery technology to make them safer and longer lasting, for the most part, our mobile devices continue to use lithium-ion as its battery. While lithium-ion batteries are generally safe, they do have the tendency to explode if not treated properly, such as taking hard hits or using unofficial accessories to charge it with.

Some iPhone Owners Can Now Claim $25 From Apple
Several years ago, Apple was hit with several class action lawsuits over the “batterygate” scandal. For those who are unfamiliar, basically the company was accused of throttling their devices. Now it looks like if you’re living in the US, you will be entitled to claim $25 from the company as part of the settlement agreement Apple had reached with prosecutors.

An iPhone 6 Reportedly Catches Fire In The Hands On An 11-Year Old Girl
We have heard instances of iPhones exploding and catching on fire. They don’t happen quite as often (thankfully), but it does happen. Recently, a report from 23ABC News has revealed that over in California, an iPhone 6 reportedly caught on fire while being held in the hands of an 11-year old girl.

Could iOS 13 Drop Support For The iPhone 6?
One of the things that Apple does really well is the support for its older devices. While it would no doubt be in the best interest of the company to encourage its customers to buy its newer products, they have actually done a good job at continuing to support older products with major updates.


Internal Documents Claim Apple Knew The iPhone 6 Was Prone To Bending
Several years ago when the iPhone 6 was first launched, many lauded Apple’s brand new design, although that quickly turned sour when it was discovered that the iPhone 6 had started to bend simply by being in the pockets of users. Apple had publicly maintained that this was not an engineering issue, but internal documents are now saying otherwise.

Some iPhone 6 Plus Models Are Being Replaced With iPhone 6s Plus During Repairs
Are you having some major issues with your iPhone 6 Plus? The good news is that according to MacRumors, it seems that Apple will be replacing some iPhone 6 Plus units with the iPhone 6s Plus, which means that for some users, you will essentially be getting a free upgrade of sorts, even if that upgrade is about 3 years old.

Woman Pays $100 For iPhone 6, Gets A Box Of Potatoes Instead
There is that popular saying where if something is too good to be true, it generally is. However we suppose sometimes a deal might be too good to pass up for some people, and a recent example took place in Wisconsin, where a woman thought she was getting a good deal for an iPhone 6, only to end up with a box of potatoes.

iPhone 8 Pre-Orders Reportedly Lower Than The iPhone 6, iPhone 7
For the past several quarters, Apple’s iPhone sales have been on the decline which some are attributing to the market being saturated, while others are saying that Apple hasn’t really done anything new to the iPhone in the past three generations. However it is expected that Apple’s new iPhones are meant to bring back a period of a super cycle for the company.

iPhone 6 And iPhone 6 Plus Sales Ban Removed In China
Apple has been unable to sell the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in China for quite some time now due to a ban which has finally been overturned by a Chinese court. The ban was the result of a complaint from Shenzhen Baili Marketing Services which claimed that these handsets infringed on the company’s design patents. The Beijing Intellectual Property Office ordered Apple’s Chinese subsidiary and local retailer Zoomflight […]

Apple Quietly Launches 32GB iPhone 6 Model In Taiwan
Right now the latest iPhone is the iPhone 7 (and its Plus variant), which means that the iPhone 6 is basically 3 generations ago. However interestingly enough it seems that over in Taiwan, Apple has quietly launched a new 32GB iPhone 6 model that will be available via local carrier Taiwan Mobile.

iOS 10.2.1 Reduced The Number Of iPhone 6/6s Unexpected Shutdowns
If you own either the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s and/or their Plus variants and have been experiencing unexpected shutdowns, then you might want to check and see which version of iOS 10 you are running. This is because if you haven’t updated to iOS 10.2.1 yet, it could explain these unexpected shutdowns which we imagine are pretty annoying.

iPhone 6 Battery Replacement Program Not Happening
There have been rumors recently about an iPhone 6 battery replacement program based along the same lines as the iPhone 5 battery program that ended last year. The original program was limited to select devices that were sold during a five-month period in 2014. According to a new report, there’s not going to be an iPhone 6 battery replacement program because Apple can’t justify a reason for it.

Analysts Expect iPhone 8 To Blow iPhone 6 Sales Out Of The Water
Apple’s iPhone 6 represented a pretty big change for the change. While the iPhone 5 introduced a larger display from its predecessors at 4-inches, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus brought even bigger changes at 4.7-inches and 5.5-inches respectively. This is why it wasn’t surprising to learn that sales of the iPhone 6 are pretty damn high.

Third-Party Chargers Reportedly To Blame For China’s iPhone 6 Problems
As some of you guys might have heard, recently there were reports that the iPhone 6 and 6s handsets in China were shutting off at random. It was unclear as to why that might be the case, but according to a report from AppleInsider, it turns out that the problem could be due to the use of third-party chargers.

iPhone 6 & 6s Handsets In China Are Shutting Off At Random
While China isn’t too pleased with Samsung over the way they handled the Note 7 recall, it now seems that their ire has turned to Apple. This is because for some inexplicable reason, the iPhone 6 and 6s handsets in the country are shutting off at random. This seems to be happening regardless of battery life, with some shutting off even when there is 50% remaining.

John Legere Claims iPhone 7 Pre-Orders Are 4x More Than iPhone 6
There are probably many analysts who are worried about Apple’s future following the launch of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, namely because this is the first time ever that Apple has stuck to a design for 3 generations in a row (usually it lasts 2 generations), meaning that there is a chance customers could be bored and disappointed.

T-Mobile Announces iPhone 7 Trade-In Plan
There is usually a good reason to upgrade your iPhone once every two years. For those who love getting their hands on a brand new design, Apple typically refreshes their iPhone designs every two years. Alternatively for those who are after new features and a refined model, the S series of iPhones are also refreshed every two years.

HTC One A9s Leaked, Likely Takes Inspiration From iPhone
HTC came out with a new mid-range handset last year which at first glance looked quite similar to the iPhone. The HTC One A9 has been around for a while now and it’s time for the handset to receive an upgrade. A picture of the HTC One A9s has been leaked online and the successor appears to take even more inspiration from the iPhone. Even the name itself – the […]

Apple Sued Over iPhone 6 Touch Issues
It was reported last week that an increasing number of nearly two-year-old iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus units are affected by touch issues. It’s now being referred to as “Touch Diseases” and it basically involves an unresponsive touchscreen that has a flicking gray bar at the top. There hasn’t been much engagement on Apple’s part which is why some dejected customers have decided to file a class action lawsuit […]

Increasing Number Of iPhone 6, 6 Plus Affected By Touch Issues
Do you have an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus and you’re experiencing some touch problems with your phone? If you are, you’re not alone. It seems that according to several recent reports, there is a growing number of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus owners who are reporting that their phone’s touchscreen is no longer responsive to touch.