Microsoft has spent a lot of time building up its Bing Maps product and now it has announced that its mapping service now features Streetside views for over 100 cities. The 100 milestone has also been crossed for Bing’s 3D cities. Therefore users can now preview places in over a hundred cities, its a great tool when planning a trip through a foreign city, it gives users a chance to preview the place before they actually go there.

Streetside imagery is available in both Bing Maps and the Bing Maps Preview app available exclusively on Microsoft’s own platform, Windows 8.1. As previously mentioned over 100 cities are now covered, Microsoft has also added new 3D cities to the Bing Maps Preview application.

More than 125 “highly detailed” 3D cities can now be viewed using the app available only on Windows 8.1. New high-resolution aerial imagery is now available on Bing Maps for more than 150 countries around the globe through a handful of sources such as UltraCam Osprey and Microsoft’s partner Digital Globe.

The entire list of new 3D cities and Streetside imagery is available on the company’s official blog. Streetside only includes cities within the US for now though at some point in time its possible that Bing will feature cities in other countries as well. New 3D cities include Copenhagen, Denmark and a handful of locations in Canada.

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