prototyperussian-bing-mapsOh, boy. “Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad,” in Russell Peters’ parlance, will be applied to the person who is responsible for parking this prototype Russian fighter jet out in the open, so much so that the Bing Maps team managed to capture a glimpse of it from above with the use of high powered satellites that are able to capture new images in ever increasing detail. This particular image of a prototype aircraft that remains unidentified does raise a fair number of questions. Are the Russians working on a new fighter jet which can be compared to the F-22 Raptor? Could it just be an old prototype that was purposely put on display for all and sundry to see, functioning as a red herring to concerned powers that the fighter jet program is well on its way to completion?

So many questions and possible answers, but I guess the truth would not be revealed anytime soon. Still, it leaves plenty of room for speculation, and opens up a whole new topic to talk about at the local watering hole if you are sick and tired of discussing wars as well as civil disobedience in various countries.

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