fcc-htc-sprintThe FCC is one particular “loophole” that upcoming consumer electronics devices ought to go through before they are approved for commercial release. However, do take note that not all devices that gain FCC approval will eventually end up on the open market. This time around, a HTC handset has been spotted over on the FCC, where it carries the model number 0PCV100, making it a CDMA-based device that carries support for LTE bands 25, 26, and 41.

In other words, this particular handset, when it finally hits the market,will play nice with Sprint’s cellular network. However, this is by no means confirmation that the smartphone itself will arrive on Sprint, since there are other MVNOs over in the U.S. that also operate on Sprint’s network, and among these include Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile. Hence, one must not rule out the possibility of the HTC 0PCV100 being headed to one of the other two virtual network carriers as well.

Regardless, this handset does not look as though it is shaping up to be a high end, flagship device, considering it comes with a removable back cover and a user-replaceable battery, which are not traits associated with HTC’s high end models that sport a unibody aluminum construction instead. Ah well, like any other good rumors out there, only time will be able to reveal more.

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