samsung-logoUsually when you hear about Samsung in the courtrooms, you probably associate it with another case with Apple where either company is suing each other. However this time around, it isn’t Apple whom Samsung is contesting against, but rather the US government. According to a report from the Washington Post, Samsung has been slapped with a fine by the US government over misleading practices.

So recently Samsung had sold a bunch of their own products to the US government, but apparently in the process of doing so, broke a bunch of laws. In order to sell their products to the government, Samsung had to meet certain requirements, such as only selling products that are made in the US or in countries in which the US has trade agreements with.

Samsung currently manufactures phones in South Korea and Mexico, both of whom have trade agreements with the US government, but unfortunately the phones Samsung sold to the US government were made in China, a country where the US does not have trade agreements with, hence the fine.

The US government has since stuck Samsung with a hefty $2.3 million fine for misleading them, although it is unclear if Samsung will be contesting it. Interestingly enough this was brought to the US government’s attention by a certain Robert Simmons, a former Samsung employee.

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