apple-vs-samsung3With all the fighting that is going on in the world today, peace is a word that many seek to see materialize, but to no avail. Well, here is a brief respite for the technology industry watchers to actually sit down and grab a breather – it seems that both Apple and Samsung have arrived at an agreement, announcing that the two technological behemoths will end every single patent lawsuit that has been filed against one another – as long as those patent lawsuits remain outside of the U.S., of course.

To sum it all up, the patent lawsuits will no longer continue in Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, South Korea and the UK. Of course, this apparent lull before the storm does not mean that both Samsung and Apple are going to see one another as bosom buddies after this, since there are still the pending U.S lawsuits that they have to settle between one another i n court.

At least it does look as though there will be no licensing deals or pacts between one another in the mean time that could end up as a tangled mess some time down the road. Does this mean they will focus more on competition in the market itself rather than to win wars in the courtroom? Only time will be able to tell. It looks as though rumors of the settlement talks proved to be somewhat correct.

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