facebook-unfollowAs many of you guys have probably noticed in your Facebook News Feeds, Twitter, or on Instagram that there are many people out there who are taking part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. For those unfamiliar, the challenge is meant to raise awareness and money for the ALS Foundation.

However it seems that the challenge proved to be too trendy for a wanted man to ignore. According to a report from the Smoking Gun, a wanted man posted a video of himself on Facebook participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge. The video was spotted by someone who knew him and his wanted status and alerted the authorities to it.

That person recognized the location in which the man performed the challenge and provided the address to the police. The police then kept watch on the location and managed to arrest the wanted man at a traffic stop. The wanted man in question could be facing new charges as he was also accused of spitting at a police officer and damaging a police vehicle.

This actually isn’t the first time we’ve seen how people have been arrested by promoting themselves and their crimes on Facebook or other social networks, and we doubt that it will be the last.

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