Google’s Android Wear platform now powers some great smartwatches from the likes of Samsung, Motorola and LG. Its a new platform that the company unveiled earlier this year which has been built from the ground up for wearable devices. Developers are gradually submitting new applications for Android Wear smartwatches and one that has caught our eye today will be of use to people who play golf.

Already a handful of devices are available in the market that can help people analyze and improve their golf swing. These include applications that judge the swing based on the footage from a smartphone or tablet’s camera, and training aids with their own companion apps that provide vital data about the swing.

Since most Android Wear smartwatches already have orientation and motion sensors the solution here became pretty simple. Come up with an app that takes in data from those sensors and then lets players analyze their swing. That’s exactly what VimoGolf for Android Wear does.

The app will notify players when its ready to pick up data from the sensors and will notify them when data from the swing has been successfully collected. It is then sent over to the companion app on the smartphone which also comes up with a 3D reconstruction of the swing. Data collected includes swing plane, impact angle, swing speed and more.

More data points will be collected by VimoGolf after an update is released in the near future. Even though it might not be able to tell if the player does something wrong with his or her arm, since that goes a long way in determining if a swing is good or bad, at least it collects enough data to let the player known where they should improve their swing.

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