ipad_pro_delayThe iPro Pro went on sale a couple of days ago. The tablet was offered in 32GB and 128GB variants, with the latter being about $150 more expensive, naturally. You would think that the majority of users would opt for the 32GB model as it is cheaper, but as it turns out, more users had flocked to the 128GB model, resulting in the tablet selling out.

If you were to head on over to Apple’s website, you’ll realize that the 128GB models (both the WiFi and cellular models) are pegged to be shipped out on the 25th of November at the earliest. This is versus the 32GB model which will ship out on the 17th of November if you were to opt for the faster shipping option.

apple_pencil_delayThis seems to suggest that the 128GB model has run out of stock faster than the 32GB. However that’s not all. Previously the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard were pegged for a release on the 19th of November earliest, but now the website states that customers can expect to wait 4-5 weeks before they begin shipping.

Now to be fair, without knowing exactly how many units Apple had in stock to begin with, it’s hard to say if the tablet selling out is a good sign. After all last we heard, Apple was pretty conservative with their orders to their suppliers for the iPad Pro, so there’s a chance that there weren’t that many units available to begin with. Either way if you were sitting on the fence, it looks like you can expect to wait a bit longer for your order to arrive.

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