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Apple’s Next Magic Trackpad Could Support Apple Pencil Input And Offer Wireless Charging
Apple’s Magic Trackpad is an accessory that is highly-beloved by many Mac users, but it has not been updated in quite a while. We suppose it isn’t quite necessary, but it doesn’t mean that it cannot be improved upon. In fact, it seems that Apple could be toying with a rather interesting idea that will make the accessory a must-have for users.

iOS 14 Could Turn Apple Pencil Handwritten Words Into Text
As far as styluses are concerned, the Apple Pencil is pretty expensive. However, many have praised the stylus, especially when used together with the iPad Pro. The size and the response of the Apple Pencil makes it ideal for drawing as well as taking down notes, where it could be faster to write than type.

Case Maker Hints At Apple Pencil Support Coming To 2019’s iPhones
Ever since the Apple Pencil was introduced, there have been many wondering if support for the iPhone would be coming. We have heard rumors that it could come to 2018’s iPhones, but that clearly did not pan out, and more recently, we’ve heard that it could be coming to this year’s iPhones.

Apple Pencil Support Could Be Coming To Apple’s 2019 iPhones
Ever since Apple introduced the Apple Pencil to the iPad, many have been wondering if there could ever be a time when the Apple Pencil could eventually support the iPhone. So far, the stylus has been an exclusive to the iPad lineup, but now according to a report from Business Insider, that could change with the 2019 iPhones.


Logitech’s Crayon Will Soon Work With The iPad Pro
The Apple Pencil stylus was initially only supported on the iPad Pro, but since last year, the company started to include support for its cheaper iPads. However the same couldn’t be said for cheaper third-party alternatives, like the Logitech Crayon stylus which only worked with the cheaper iPads and not the iPad Pro.

Apple Pencil Can’t Charge Inductively With The New iPads
Apple recently launched some new iPad models. This included a 10.5-inch iPad Air and a 7.9-inch iPad mini. These are designed to be Apple’s new lower-end iPads, but despite that, they also came with support for the Apple Pencil which had more or less been an exclusive to the iPad Pro.

Apple Pencil Teardown Hints At Potential New Features
The first-gen Apple Pencil was a pretty straightforward device that allowed users to use it with the iPad Pro, Apple improved upon its functionality with the launch of the second-gen Apple Pencil that was announced alongside the newly-designed iPad Pro. Now thanks to a teardown of the device by the folks at iFixit, it seems that the device could potentially do more than advertised.

Old Apple Pencil Isn't Compatible With New iPad Pro
Wondering whether your old Apple Pencil will work with your brand new iPad Pro? You’re out of luck. You’ll have to purchase a new stylus for your new tablet. It will not be possible to use the first generation Apple Pencil with this generation of the iPad Pro.

Alleged Apple Pencil 2 Details Revealed
When you think of Apple’s iPad Pro tablet, chances are you might also be thinking about the Apple Pencil, which is Apple’s take and reimagining of the stylus. While critics have panned the Apple Pencil as being a very expensive accessory, it is hard to deny how effective it is and how it does pretty much as advertised.

Apple Patent Suggests At Improvements To The Apple Pencil
The Apple Pencil together with the iPad Pro have been lauded by creative professionals as being the perfect tool that allows them to draw and take notes on the go, thanks largely to the iPad Pro’s display which offers a fast refresh rate, and the Apple Pencil that has multiple pressure points and also a very low latency.

Analyst: No Apple Pencil Support For 2018’s iPhones
With the Apple Pencil essentially being a souped up stylus, many have rightfully wondered if it would ever be supported on the iPhone. There were reports suggesting that it could, and more recently Apple has been reported to have signed on with a new stylus supplier which only served to fuel the rumors.

Apple Signs With New Stylus Supplier, Fuels iPhone With Apple Pencil Support Rumors
One of the defining features of the iPad Pro is the support for Apple Pencil, Apple’s take on the stylus which has since received extremely favorable reviews. However it also begged the question as to whether or not the feature could be launched for the iPhone as well, something that the rumor mill has been suggesting as of late.

2018’s iPhones Will Come With Apple Pencil Support, 512GB Storage
For the most part the Apple Pencil is an accessory designed for the iPad, but over the years we have been hearing that Apple could be considering bringing support to the iPhone, and this year could be the year that we are seeing it, or at least that’s what the analysts at TrendForce (via CNET) are predicting.

Apple's New 9.7 Inch iPad Has Apple Pencil Support
As expected, Apple has launched a new iPad at its education-focused event today. The company’s online store had been taken down hours before the event which also suggested that a new product was on the horizon. The reports about this iPad have turned out to be true. The new product announced today is a 9.7 inch iPad with support for the Apple Pencil.