youtube-one-billion-usersEarlier today we reported that video service Hulu would begin streaming live TV in 2017, but it looks like they will not be alone. According to a report from Bloomberg, word on the street has it that Hulu will find themselves competing with YouTube in 2017. The report claims that YouTube also has plans to launch their own live TV streaming service next year.

The service is called Unplugged and it would be a paid subscription service where customers will be able to choose and watch from bundles of cable TV channels streamed over the internet. Unsurprisingly YouTube declined to comment on the rumors, but it is obvious YouTube wants to be more than what they are at the moment.

For example the company has branched out to target different groups of audiences with dedicated platforms, like YouTube For Kids, and let’s not forget YouTube Gaming which was launched last year and meant to target the gaming crowd and also compete against Twitch. Then we also have YouTube Red which is a subscription service that removes ads and gives users access to more original YouTube content.

That being said, live TV streaming is something that YouTube has always been working towards and apparently it has been in the cards since 2012, but it is only recently that talks have picked up. Apple is also said to have considered the feature for Apple TV customers, but last we heard their plans have since been put on hold.

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