So you recently took an Uber and had a great ride with the driver. He/she was polite, professional, and efficient, and the ride itself was smooth. Typically what you would do is rate the driver which is on a star-rating system, but in case giving them 5/5 stars isn’t enough to convey how much you enjoyed the ride, Uber is now introducing the Compliments feature.


According to Uber, “Starting this week, we’re making it easier for riders to thank drivers for the things they doㄧbig and smallㄧto make the ride memorable. When a rider leaves a complimentㄧsay for expertly navigating winding city streets or striking up a conversation that brightened their moodㄧa notification will show up on the driver’s home screen letting them know what they did to make a rider’s day.”

Prior to this, what Uber riders could do to compliment their drivers was to leave a note in the app, which we guess isn’t exactly the most efficient way. Hopefully with this new compliments feature it will help make a driver’s day, and in turn pass on that good energy to their other customers and rides.

Unfortunately Uber is still missing the tipping mechanism that Lyft has, which we’re sure is something that most drivers might prefer over compliments (actions do speak louder than words!), but for now we guess this will have to do.

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