sk-hynix-ramOne of the rumored specs of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 is that it will feature 8GB of RAM. That is a lot of RAM for a smartphone although we’re not necessarily sure if this is the way to go, especially since in the past we have seen how even phones with more RAM are trumped by those with less RAM.

That being said we guess it does make for good marketing, and it looks like the rumors could be true as SK Hynix has announced (via PhoneArena) a new 8GB RAM module that’s designed for mobile, and this has led to speculation that the company’s RAM module could be finding its way into the Galaxy S8.

We should note that SK Hynix is Samsung’s main competitor in Korea as far as memory making components are concerned, so we’re not sure if Samsung is willing to buy from the competition. Also note that the company has produced memory components for companies such as Apple, although we doubt that the iPhone 8 will be packing 8GB of RAM.

In any case SK Hynix’s technology involves  two 8 Gigabit pieces connected in a dual-channel config, which is then stacked in four layers. According to the company, they claim that this new design will result in the component taking up to 30% less space than current LPDDR4 mobile chips, and is 20% more efficient. The company also hinted that their RAM modules could find their way into 2017’s high-end smartphones, although they did not mention any company by name.

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