The Galaxy S8/S8+ is a technological marvel inside an amazing industrial design


  • Stunning design, extra large display
  • Excellent photo experience
  • Fastest Android hardware and networking


  • No support for wide-angle photography

Rating and Price

  • Rating: 10/10

The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ have officially arrived, and everything indicates that it was worth the wait. Samsung has made every effort to make its leading-edge smartphone series “cutting-edge.” The Galaxy S8 takes large-display phones to a whole new level by pushing the industrial design envelope to new heights, building yet a higher barrier to entry. We looked at both phones to evaluate many aspects of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ handsets, so let’s dive deeper into the details to see if that is a perfect handset for YOU. [review last updated on April 18]

“Infinity” HDR Display:impressive!

Without a doubt, the most prominent feature of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ is the display which incredibly covers most of the front of the display. You can see it for yourself, but it simply looks out of this world. It has a ratio that is slightly wider than LG’s 2:1 and has a phenomenal look and image quality. Never has a smartphone display looked so good.

"NEVER HAS A SMARTPHONE DISPLAY LOOKED SO GOOD"Phones such as the Aquos Mini SH-M03 and more recently the Xiaomi Mi MIX and of course the LG G6 have pursued this very goal, with LG landing the first real punch by offering a high-volume phone which doesn’t have tradeoffs such as having the camera at the bottom of the phone. The Mi MIX still sold out in 10 seconds, but it is difficult not to say that the Galaxy S8 has the best large-display implementation right now.

Not surprisingly, Samsung’s Super-AMOLED displays have been praised by the geekiest reviews out there, and constantly rank as top displays. This level of quality is what you should expect from the Galaxy S8.

Both S8 and S8+ are designed for a good one-hand grip (by today’s standard). The S8 an extraordinary 5.8” Quad HD+ (2960×1440, 570 PPI) which is extremely sharp. The Galaxy S8+ is just 1.5 mm narrower than the S7 Edge, but is a little longer. The narrower width improves the grip a little and allows for an impressive 6.2” display (S8+), also in Quad HD+ (2960×1440, 529 PPI).

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It is no secret that “larger displays” are one of most demanded feature from smartphone buyers. Increasing the display size improves every experience: productivity, entertainment, and photography (capture and slideshows) are three obvious things made better by larger displays.

At the same time, people also demand phones that are “compact” and “one-hand friendly.” The solution to that is to increase the phone’s display to body ratio to 83%, a key metric for large-screen portability. LG’s G6 fired the first salvo in that new arms race.

Older attempts to introduce large screens such as the Galaxy Mega 6.3 in 2013 or the original Huawei Mate (6.1”) generated some size friction, and the market quickly converged to the general form-factor of the Galaxy S7/S7 edge.

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I wish I still had a Galaxy Mega 6.3 to compare with today’s Galaxy S8+. What a difference a few years make! With the Galaxy S8, Samsung takes an undeniable lead in large-display phones.

Additionally, the Samsung Galaxy S8 display is certified for mobile HDR, which means that it is extremely bright and that the phone is capable of decoding HDR content as they were intended to be watched.

Overall product rating: 10/10

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ProductGalaxy S8Galaxy S8+
Display Diagonal (inches)5.8" (14.7cm)6.2" (15.7cm)
Megapixel Count12 Megapixel12 Megapixel
Battery Capacity (mAh)3000 mAh3500 mAh
Processor/Soc NameSnapdragon 835Snapdragon 835
RAM Options4 GB,4 GB,
Street Price$575 Galaxy S8 on Amazon$615 Galaxy S8+ on Amazon
Link to full specsGalaxy S8 Full specs and detailsGalaxy S8+ Full specs and details
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