[CES 2017] Over the past few years, Garmin has been releasing new wearables and with each iteration, they are improving upon the design and features. If you’ve particularly enjoyed the company’s Fenix series of wearables, then you might be interested to learn that at CES 2017, Garmin has taken the wraps off the Fenix 5.


The Fenix 5 represents the latest wearable from Garmin. Unlike its other wearables, the Fenix series has been designed to look more like a traditional watch than a fitness tracker, which means that if you’re after something that’s both stylish and functional, the Fenix series is an alternative you could consider.

The Fenix 5 will come in three variants: the Fenix 5, the Fenix 5S, and the Fenix 5X. Naturally they will all differ in terms of specs and features, with the 5S being the lightest and sleekest out of the bunch, while the 5X will boast features like preloaded maps. However all models will come with similar features such as heart rate measurement, activity tracking, and relatively long battery life.

Garmin is expected to release all three models this quarter, with the Fenix 5 and 5S priced at $600, while the sapphire versions of the 5 and 5S and the 5X will retail for $700.

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