When it comes to meetings, collaborations, and presentations in the workplace, it used to be very static. There might be a video being played or someone speaking while using PowerPoint slides to illustrate their point. However in today’s modern age, there are tools to help make these meetings and collaborations more entertaining.

Launched back in October 2016, Google announced a 55-inch Android-powered interactive display called the Google Jamboard.  This concept isn’t new as there are other companies, such as Microsoft, who have launched similar efforts such as the Surface Hub. However the Surface Hub’s price of $8,999 is a bit too dear for your company’s budget, not to worry as the Jamboard will be more affordable.

Google has announced the Jamboard’s pricing and availability which is set for a release this coming May and where it will be priced at $4,999, which is $4,000 cheaper than that of the Surface Hub. However it should be noted that the Jamboard will also come with an annual maintenance fee which is set at $600 a year, so you might want to factor that into your budget.

The Jamboard will come with two styli and one eraser and apparently a free wall mount as well if you’re looking to hang it up. The Jamboard will feature a 4K touchscreen display with handwriting recognition. It also uses Google Cast for collaborations and is built around the company’s suite of office apps. In the meantime check out the video above if this is the first time you’re learning about it.

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