Do you find YouTube’s red color scheme to be a bit hard on the eyes? If so, you’re going to like the test that Google is conducting. It’s testing a new user interface for the YouTube app that opts for an all white color scheme that does away with the splashes of red that you find in the existing app. The all black and white look will certainly be appreciated by users who want the app to be more subtle in its appearance.


The bright red and white user interface can be particularly hard on the eyes if you’re browsing the app late at night when the lights are off. Truth be told, that’s how many of us browse YouTube before we fall asleep.

Google is testing this new YouTube app user interface with select users. They’re seeing an all black and white user interface which looks very clean and minimal. It all depends on how this test pan out.

Whether or Google will offer this as a permanent option remains to be seen. It would be nice, though, if it was possible to switch the user interface’s color scheme with just one toggle.

Maybe the test will convince Google to do that. We’ll have to wait a bit and see what the company decides after it’s done with this test. Fingers crossed!

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