We are now in the month of June which means that it is time to see how well Android is progressing in terms of distribution figures. Now you might recall that last month Android 7.0 Nougat’s distribution managed to cross the 7% mark and it seems that this month, Nougat came pretty close to breaking the double digit barrier.

According to the figures on the Android Developer website, Android Nougat’s distribution figures made up 9.5% of Android. Android 7.0 itself made up the bulk of it at 8.9%, while Android 7.1 was at 0.6%. As for the previous Android builds, for some reason Marshmallow did not move at all and stayed at 31.2%, which is currently the second most distributed version of Android around.

The most distributed honor goes to Android Lollipop which dropped by 1.2% to become 31.4%. KitKat also saw a dip by 0.7%, Jelly Bean by 0.3%, and Gingerbread by 0.2%. Basically it looks like all older versions of Android saw a decrease in their distribution figures, which shouldn’t be surprising and should actually be the case, while Nougat was pretty much the only version that was on the rise.

We’re not sure what kind of figures Nougat will manage to hit before the release of Android O, which according to a recent report suggested that it could actually be released for the Google Pixel this coming August.

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