So we know that LG has been working on their own mobile payments service in the form of LG Pay, the company’s answer to the likes of Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and so on. However it seems that LG could be the leg up on the competition by making the service more available on non-flagship handsets.

For the most part, Samsung Pay is still pretty much limited to their flagship phones. This means that there are plenty of Samsung phones out there that do not have access to the service. We have heard that Samsung plans to eventually introduce the feature to lower-end devices, but LG could potentially beat them to it.

According to Cho Jun-ho, president of LG’s mobile communication division, “We will expand the use of LG Pay into low-budget smartphones alongside premium phones next year.” This means that any phones the company plans to release later this year will not be getting the feature. At the moment LG Pay is limited to the LG G6, and we have to wonder based on this statement if it could find its way to the LG V30 as well.

However we guess LG will also probably need to land some deals with financial institutions and also retailers to support their platform, so it remains to be seen if LG Pay has what it takes to compete against more established players.

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