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LG Pay U.S. Launch Expected By June
LG is expected to launch its mobile payments service called LG Pay in the United States by June this year. The company launched this service for the LG G6 in South Korea last year after having confirmed a few months earlier that it was working on its own mobile payments service. It’s similar in the way it functions to Samsung Pay.

LG Pay Will Work On Non-Flagship Smartphones
So we know that LG has been working on their own mobile payments service in the form of LG Pay, the company’s answer to the likes of Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and so on. However it seems that LG could be the leg up on the competition by making the service more available on non-flagship handsets.

LG Pay Service Launched For LG G6
It has long been reported that LG is preparing its own mobile payments service much like Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay. The company has now officially launched the service. It’s just available for one handset right now and only in one country. You’ll never guess what it has decided to call the service: LG Pay.

LG G6 Rumored To Get 3D Facial Scanning Feature This June
The LG G6 has been officially launched and as far as security features are concerned, it does come with a fingerprint scanner. However it seems that it could soon be getting another security feature in the form of 3D facial scanning, or at least that’s according to a report from The Investor who claims that the feature will be arriving this June via a software update.


LG Pay To Be Officially Launched In Korea In June
Ever since companies like Apple and Samsung announced mobile payment services of their own, we have been hearing rumors that LG could be working on something of their own. However despite all the rumors we haven’t seen anything yet, but that should be changing in the next few months.

LG Pay Reportedly Facing Cancellation
It has been rumored for a few weeks now that LG G6 is going to have support for the company’s mobile payments service called LG Pay. However, if a new report is to be believed, the company is not going to offer LG Pay on its next flagship smartphone because it has done away with the White Card process for the LG G6 entirely.

LG Pay Might Have Been Delayed To 2017
We have been hearing rumors and reports that LG will be launching their own mobile payments solution called LG Pay. Unlike other mobile payment platforms such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, or Samsung Pay that will rely on smartphones, LG Pay will differ as it will rely on a physical card.

LG Pay Will Not Be Unveiled At MWC 2016
It has been known for a while now that LG is working on its own mobile payment service that it plans to bring to the market this year. Previous reports suggested that we might see LG Pay being unveiled at the Mobile World Congress 2016 but it appears that the launch has been pushed back. A company official cited in a new report says that LG Pay will not be […]

LG Pay’s Card Leaked In Photo
Last year LG confirmed that they were working on a mobile payments service, and according to a follow-up rumor, it was suggested that the service might rely on an external device, like a card, in order for it to work. Turns out the rumors might be right as a photo has recently surfaced showing off the alleged device.

LG Pay Will Apparently Require A Special Card For It To Work
Earlier today LG confirmed LG Pay by announcing that they had partnered up with two of the largest credit card companies in South Korea. At this point in time details about LG Pay are a bit scarce, and all we know is that the company has interest in the mobile payments sector. However details like how it will work and whether or not it’ll expand overseas is anyone’s guess.That being […]

LG Signs New Partners For Upcoming LG Pay Service
Yesterday we reported that LG had confirmed that they were working on a mobile payment service. The name of the service was unclear but it had been speculated to be called LG G Pay, especially since there have been trademarks registered for it. However as it turns out, it looks like we have an official name now: LG Pay.This was announced by LG on their Facebook page in which they […]