Recently Nikon confirmed that they are working on a new camera that would be the successor to the Nikon D810. This will come in the form of the Nikon D850, and while the confirmation of the camera’s existence is great news, unfortunately not much is known about the camera or how it looks like, at least until now. Read full post →Alleged Nikon D850 Press Photos Leaked

According to the reports, Foxconn has been mulling the idea of potentially expanding its operations in the US. In fact a rumor earlier this week suggested that their plans could be announced this week itself, and sure enough that’s exactly what happened as Foxconn has revealed their plans to open a manufacturing plant in Wisconsin. Read full post →Foxconn Announces Plans To Launch Manufacturing Plant In Wisconsin

When you order multiple drinks at McDonald’s to go, usually what happens is that they will give you a drink tray made out of cardboard to help hold them. We’re sure that what many of you guys do when you’re done with the drink tray is to throw them away, but McDonald’s Canada is hoping you’ll hang onto them a bit longer. Read full post →McDonald’s Turns Its Cardboard Drink Trays Into Smartphone Speakers

While Amazon does ship to many parts of the world, in terms of localized operations, the company doesn’t have operations in every country yet, meaning that for a lot of customers, they still have to put up with long shipping times and hefty shipping prices because of that. However it seems that those living in Southeast Asia can rejoice as Amazon has expanded into the region. Read full post →Amazon Expands To Southeast Asia By Launching Prime Now In Singapore

Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp was considered to be one of the more expensive tech acquisitions in recent times, but it seems that Facebook’s acquisition was a good one because it looks like acquiring WhatsApp has given Facebook access to a ton of users, which according to WhatsApp’s recent announcement, is at 1 billion active daily users. Read full post →WhatsApp Now Boasting 1 Billion Active Daily Users

Cochlear and Apple have announced the launch of the first iPhone-compatible cochlear implant sound processor today. The sound processor is what powers the implant that’s placed inside the body. It’s the device that you see on the outside. The processor gathers the audio and sends it to the implant.
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We previously reported that The Sims 4 will be released for the Xbox One this November and today The Sims 4 release date for the PlayStation 4 has also been confirmed. EA has confirmed today when this title is going to be released for both Sony and Microsoft gaming consoles. This game was first released for Windows PC three years ago. It’s the first Sims title in nearly a decade to make its way to a console.
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There have already been countless contradicting reports about the iPhone 8 release. The rumor mill has all sorts of theories about when Apple is going to unveil its new flagship smartphone. The latest suggests that while Apple is likely to announce the iPhone 8 in September, it may not actually release the device until November. This would be an unprecedented wait for customers who normally don’t like having to wait beyond a couple of weeks for a new flagship handset.
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If you’ve been interested in purchasing a Nintendo SNES Classic unit, you might be aware that Walmart mistakenly published the product page last week ahead of the official release date. People were quick to place their pre-orders and many of them would have felt quite happy that they were able to get their hands on the SNES Classic. Their happiness is short lived, though, because Walmart has confirmed that it’s canceling every single one of those pre-orders.
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Google Maps has more or less been the only proper navigation solution available to Android Auto users but that changes today. Waze is finally available on Android Auto starting today. Users can tap into the crowd-sourced service to get real-time information while they’re making their way from one point to another. Those who have used Waze for a long time on mobile devices will be glad that it’s finally available on Android Auto.
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