We have all been made to wait a very long time for The Last Guardian but the game is finally going to be released soon. It was confirmed a few days ago that The Last Guardian has gone gold which basically means that production has been completed on the core game and it will now be pressed into discs. Sony today revealed some more information about the game’s audio, announcing that The Last Guardian soundtrack is going to be released on vinyl.
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Facebook launched a new app called Lifestage earlier this year. The app is only meant for teenagers so if you’re over the age of 18, you can’t get in. Lifestage was initially released for iOS only and the company promised that it would eventually land on Android as well, and now it has. Facebook’s teen-only app Lifestage is now available for download on Android smartphones.
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Ever wanted to try out a couple of great Borderlands games without having to pay for them? Well, now you can. Borderlands: The Handsome Collection is now available for free for Xbox One. The collection features Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. It also includes all of the DLC that has been released for both titles, so it’s quite the catch, and at $0.00 it’s hard to pass up. There is a caveat, though.
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galaxy-s7-design_02Usually Samsung likes to play its card close to the chest when it comes to its smartphones, although we’re not sure why especially when you consider how frequent leaks are these days, almost always spoiling the surprise ahead of the official reveal. However with the Samsung Galaxy S8, the company has spilled some details. Read full post →Samsung Mobile VP Promises ‘Slick Design’ & ‘Improved Camera’ For The Galaxy S8

twitter-replies-character-countFor the longest time ever, Twitter has had a 140-character limit to its tweets, which we guess made sense since they probably did not want users penning long stories and blog posts. However sometimes certain features counted towards the limit which made it rather frustrating, but Twitter changed that last month. Read full post →Twitter Testing Replies Without The Username In The Tweet

nintendo_switchWe’re not sure why Nintendo is only choosing to reveal more information about the Switch console in 2017, especially after they kind of teased us with a preview trailer. If anything this has generated way more questions and has led to all kinds of speculation instead of answering the questions gamers had before. Read full post →Nintendo President Says More Switch Hardware & Accessories Are Coming

Uber isn’t just a company that created a platform to connect riders with drivers even though that happens to be its core business. The company is working on projects to fundamentally change how we go from one place to another. It has already shown off its self-driving car project and Uber has now revealed that it’s working on a flying car project. Sure, that does sound ambitious, but flying cars are almost always a staple in every other vision for the distant future.
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samsung-logoThe smartphone market at the moment is saturated and with the arrival of more Chinese OEMs, customers are starting to realize that in order to get a good smartphone, they don’t necessarily have to fork out $600-$700 for one. Instead we’re seeing companies like OnePlus, Oppo, Xiaomi, and Huawei offer up competing handsets for much less. Read full post →Samsung’s Smartphone Market Share Drops To Its Lowest In 2 Years

galaxy-note-7-design_27-frontAccording to a recent survey, it was suggested that 40% of Samsung’s customers don’t plan to stay with the company following the Note 7 incidents. This means that about 60% do plan to stay and a recent survey by BayStreet yielded roughly similar results in which 70% of Note 7 owners said that they will continue to buy from the brand. Read full post →Survey Finds 70% Of Note 7 Owners Will Stand By Samsung

fukushimaThe nuclear power plant meltdowns in Fukushima is probably one of the worst meltdowns in modern times, following the Chernobyl disaster back in 1986. Now Japan is a country that loves to recycle (if you’ve been there and were intimidated by its recycling bins, don’t worry we’ve been there), so much so that they are looking to not waste anything, even if it means irradiated timber from Fukushima. Read full post →Irradiated Timber From Fukushima Used To Generate Power