spyware-rent-to-ownNow this could be a particularly chilling thought – how do you like the idea of a government agency keeping constant tabs on you as you move around? It sure as heck sounds unnerving, to say the least, but we have received word that the United States’ Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) happens to be spying on millions of Americans each day, while ensuring that they know where their targets are traveling to around the country. The Guardian claims that this is done by the constant tracking of car license plates.

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music-piracyWhen it comes to the issue of piracy where digital content is concerned, how does one approach the topic? Is there really a way to ensure that such piracy will not happen ever again, or at least the number of such acts are reduced? Perhaps, and for the country of Norway, it seems that the issue surrounding music piracy has more or less disappeared after a few years of introducing music streaming, now how about that? Perhaps several factors other than policies also come into play, such as the general culture of the people as well as nation’s core values.

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google_logoIt does take a fair bit of guts to say that one is sorry when one has done something wrong – and for a company to do so would go some way in gaining back some of the goodwill in which it has lost due to a recent gaffe. In fact, Google has just issued an apology after they were bombarded by messages from unhappy users, who claim that their translation software did not perform as expected, rolling out homophobic terms.

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Ever since Edward Snowden leaked a treasure trove of classified documents that revealed just how vast the scope of electronic surveillance is many of us have come to know that they myth of online security is just what it is: a myth. A new cache of documents leaked by this NSA whistleblower reveal that British and Canadian intelligence agencies used a program called “BADASS” to spy on smartphones.

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joystiq-closesIt seems as though the folks over at AOL are trying to cut down costs which are deemed to be unnecessary, or burdensome to the bottom line – which is what any business would do when the times get tough. In fact, one of the latest “victims” to fall to this particular policy would be the aged and well loved online video game publication known as Joystiq, under part of AOL’s plan to release what they deem as “underperforming content properties”.

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minihahaThe Meizu M1 Note Mini does look as though it is the response by Meizu concerning the Xiaomi Redmi 2, and needless to say, it is all set to be unveiled tomorrow. After all, it has already dropped by the GFXBench site, which would mean one can have a far better idea as to what the specifications are underneath the hood. Of course, while there has been rumors in the past concerning this handset sporting a 5” glass display, it does look as though it will be equipped with a 4.7” screen instead.

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windows-10-testerIt was yesterday that we brought you a fair number of reports concerning Microsoft and its earnings, including its Xbox division, not to mention that the acquisition of Mojang is well on track to pay off the bill not too far down the road. Of course, Microsoft has already forecasted a slowing down in growth for the upcoming calendar year because of forex complexities, not to mention making the transition into new business models, we have also managed to glean information that over 2 million users are currently testing out the next version of Windows, which would be Windows 10.

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Today Sonos announced the release of a new beta update for its Android app. The update brings simpler room control and promises to provide faster access to users’ music. Sonos has released the new app in beta today for Android only. It builds up on all of the improvements that Sonos made with its new app that was launched last spring.

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zenfone-cASUS has just introduced their latest addition to the ZenFone family, which comes in the form of the ZenFone C. This particular smartphone that hails from Taiwan has appeared over in Malaysia, where the ZenFone C is touted to replace the ZenFone 4, being an entry-level device by itself. The full hardware specifications sheet for the handset had already made its way online, not to mention a slew of photos of what the real deal looks like. At first glance, one might actually think that this is more or less identical to the ZenFone 4 where design is concerned, although underneath the hood, you ought to be able to find a fair number of updates.

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Last week BlackBerry formally launched the limited edition gold BlackBerry Passport. Only 50 units of this limited edition device were sold worldwide so its safe to say that they were all picked up soon after they became available for purchase. As is the case with such devices many have now turned to eBay to sell their gold BlackBerry Passports for a lot more than they originally paid for it.

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