Chuwi Cloned Lenovo’s Android Powered Yoga TabletsChuwi, the Chinese relative of Chewbacca – no, I jest, they happen to be a China-based device manufacturer, and their latest Android-powered tablet seemed to have taken a major page right out of Lenovo’s Yoga range of tablets that run on the Android mobile operating system. I suppose you can even call it a clone of Lenovo’s offerings, where it boasts of a kickstand as well so that you will be able to prop up Chuwi’s tablet on the table, leaving your hands free to shovel some pizza into your mouth as you watch the latest downloaded movie there.

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Future Google Nexus Smartphone Might Have MediaTek Solution Powering ItThere is a new rumor that has made its way out from China, touting that Internet search giant Google will select MediaTek as their chipset supplier for their upcoming Nexus smartphone model. It might be nothing but hot air, really, considering how just about everyone else makes use of Qualcomm processors in this day and age, it would be a real surprise if Google were to make use of MediaTek’s achievements in this department.

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Motorola To Introduce XT1021, XT1022 And XT1025 In May (Rumor)Word on the street has it that Motorola is working on a new smartphone that sports a 4.3” display, where this alleged handset will arrive in three different models – the single SIM XT1021, the dual SIM XT1022, and the XT1025 that sports dual SIM capability in addition to digital TV ability. Apparently, all three models have already picked up the nod of approval by the relevant Brazilian authorities, which means we ought to be able to get a closer look at them soon.

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WhatsApp Beta For Windows Phone Reportedly Blocking SD Card InstallationIf you’re running low on space on your phone, an alternative would be to install apps onto your SD card. Granted this will not be as fast compared to storing it on the phone itself, but it will get the job done. This is a feature that Microsoft will be supporting with Windows Phone 8.1 but unfortunately not all apps will want to take advantage of it.
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Advertisers Reportedly Spending More Money On Bing NowBing might not necessarily be a search engine that most people use by default. After all Google has proven itself to be pretty efficient and not to mention very familiar when it comes to using its search engine service, so why bother with another brand or website, right?

That being said, this could also apply to advertisers who might find Google’s platform a more lucrative place to place their ads, although the recent State of Paid Search report, it seems that advertisers are spending more money on Bing than ever.
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So a few days ago we reported that Blizzard had recently launched a reality series of their own called Azeroth Choppers. Basically what the show is about is that it will part some of the World of Warcraft developers, artists, and producers, against each other in a Horde versus Alliance scenario where both teams get to design a custom motorcycle.

The goal is to create the motorcycle with a theme related to the World of Warcraft universe and the factions (Horde and Alliance) respectively, and the best chopper, as voted by fans, will win and have their design immortalized in the game. It sounds like a pretty cool idea and if you wanted to check it out, the first episode in the webseries has been launched.
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Additional iPhone 6 Concept Renders SurfaceIt’s only April but yet we’ve come across a fair amount of leaks, rumors, and alleged photos that supposedly shows off what we can expect from the next-gen iPhone. Of course none of this can be officially confirmed right now but thanks to the folks at French website,, they have teamed up with renowned designed Martin Hajek to create some additional concept images of what the next-gen iPhone could look like in a case.

As you can see in the image above, the design looks more or less the same as per previous designs, which we guess are mostly based on the allegedly leaked schematics of the iPhone. However this time it shows what the phone could look like if it were kept in a case and it is a pretty sleek affair.
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Project Loon Tests LTE In Nevada (Rumor)We have heard about Google’s Project Loon before, where this initiative intends to bring Internet connectivity to the masses using air balloons that float up high in the sky. It takes less than a month to make its way across the world, and has the potential to deliver up to 10Mbps speeds for users. It seems that these high-flying Wi-Fi balloons could also be testing out 4G LTE connectivity as they make their way on top of the Nevada desert.

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Democreativity Asks For Ideas On Spreading Peace, Love And DemocracyVideo games – this is a topic where many people have different opinions. Some believe that there are games out there which are just way too violent even with the ratings board approving it, while others figure out that regardless of the kind of video game played, it is still better to turn off the screen and head outdoors for some real fun. Whatever it is, video games have certainly captured the imagination of the masses – otherwise, how else could we see an explosion of the mobile scene that we know today? Sweden intends to change one’s perspective about video games through the Democreativity initiative.

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Toshiba’s MicroSD Memory Cards Are World’s FastestToshiba did make the headlines this earlier this week, and the Japanese company intends to cap it all off by debuting the fastest microSD memory cards in the world. These new microSD memory cards happen to be the first in the industry that complies with the High-Speed UHS-II Interface Standard. It so happens that this is the ultra high speed serial bus interface that has been defined in the SD Memory Card Standard Ver. 4.20, and those who are interested will be able to choose from 32GB and 64GB capacities.

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