htconem8 glamor redHTC has been doing pretty all right for itself recently, although there has been reports that the HTC One (M8) is starting to experience fading sales amidst tough competition. Having said that, perhaps a change in color might be able to persuade those who are thinking about picking up this flagship smartphone for a while now? Folks over in the UK do seem as though they could be picking up the exclusive Glamor Red version of the HTC One (M8) thanks to O2 UK. At this point in time, the flagship smartphone is being offered by O2 UK in shades of Amber Gold and Metal Grey colors, so if you are patient enough to wait until this coming August 4, you can tote around a Glamor Red model in your hand or pocket.

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ATT Cyan 640x275Here’s an interesting rumor – it seems that if you’re a Windows Phone user in the US and you’re looking forward to the Windows Phone 8.1 update, you might be interested to learn that there is a possibility that AT&T could be rolling out the update later this week. This is according to a post on the AT&T forums where an AT&T community manager who goes by the handle “ATTMarianaCM” revealed that information. Read full post →AT&T Rolling Out Windows Phone 8.1 Update This Week [Rumor]

continuity 640x367At WWDC earlier last month, Apple unveiled iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 Yosemite. Apple did not mention when either platform would be released, but presumably iOS 8 will be released alongside the new iPhones, and that OS X 10.10 Yosemite will probably be released when the new MacBooks have been announced, which Apple tends to do at the later part of the year.

This seems to have been confirmed by the folks at 9to5Mac who claims that their sources have revealed to them that iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 Yosemite will launch at different times. The former is expected to see a release in September, while the latter will launch a month later. Why is this a big deal? Read full post →iOS 8, OS X 10.10 Yosemite Will Launch At Separate Dates [Rumor]

macbook air best buy sale 640x384Yesterday we reported that Apple had issued an EFI update for the mid-2011 MacBook Air models. The update was expected to solve some issues that users were experiencing with the laptop, such as the long delay between waking up and sleeping, along with the rare instances where the fans of the laptop would suddenly kick into high gear.

That being said, it seems that the update had issues of its own. According to reports from Apple’s Support forums, it seems that the update has caused the MacBook Air models it was supposed to fix to crash instead. This is apparently due to a bug with the update that not only prevents it from being installed at times, but causes system crashes too. Read full post →EFI Update For MacBook Air Reportedly Causing Crashes

mi3 soldoutHow long does it take to sell out a particular smartphone? Well, the answer certainly depends a whole lot on just how popular a particular handset is. For example, the Nokia Lumia 920 took just 20 minutes to sell out in China a couple of years ago, and this time around, with the Xiaomi Mi3, this particular device in India saw all of its existing stock sell out in a matter of 38 minutes and 50 seconds – and it does look as though retailers are starting to rub their hands in anticipation for the next batch of Xiaomi Mi3 smartphones to arrive at their stores.

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iPad Air and iPad mini 640x528According to our earlier post, we reported that Apple’s iPad is currently dominating as far as web traffic is concerned. The tablet managed to grab a hefty chunk of the market at 78%, although we did point out that this is actually a slight decrease from 2013 where it was at 83.6%. At the same time, Apple recently revealed that sales of the iPad was down to 13.3 million for the second quarter in a row.

So why is this? Well Apple’s new CFO, Luca Maestri offered his analysis where he said that the drop in iPad sales was attributed to the slowdown in the market in both the US and Western Europe. However did point out that countries such as China saw an increase in iPad sales where it grew by 51%, and also in India where it grew by 45%, although we’re guessing it probably wasn’t enough to counter-balance the overall dip. Read full post →iPad’s Drop In Sales Attributed To Customers Anticipating The Next Refresh

ShareofWebTraffic 640x396When it comes to tablets, most people would associate it with Apple’s iPad, regardless of whether they’re a fan or not, thanks largely to the fact that the iPad has been assimilated into pop culture. That being said, Chitika has recently released their latest figures and based on that, we can see once again just how popular the iPad is.

Chitika’s recent figures show the amount of web browsing done on tablets, and as you can see in the graph above, Apple’s iPad commands a whopping 78% of the browsing done on tablets. Chitika is basing their numbers of “tens of millions” of US and Canadian tablet-based online ad impressions, so it’s safe to say that they had a pretty big pool of data to work with. Read full post →iPad Continues To Dominate Web Traffic Shares At 78%

blackberry passport 622x640Without a doubt, the BlackBerry Passport has to be one of the more interesting smartphones we’ve seen this year. The handset not only packs a rarely used and odd 1:1 aspect ratio for its display, but it also features a gesture-based physical keyboard, combining the best of both worlds, so to speak. But are its features enough to make users want to switch platforms?

Well according to a recent post by BlackBerry, the answer is yes. According to BlackBerry, “Judging by the sampling of comments we’ve collected below, many people are announcing their plans to walk away from Android or iOS and come – or, in many cases, return – to BlackBerry.” However we should note that the sample of comments BlackBerry has chosen is only 12, which we doubt is hardly enough to speak for the whole world’s intentions, but at the same time it does show some interest in the handset. Read full post →BlackBerry Claims iOS & Android Users Planning To Switch To The Passport

Earlier this year we reported that Nintendo was expected to bring Super Smash Bros. to the Nintendo 3DS this summer, but later it was revealed that the game had been delayed to October. Now the good news is that if you were looking forward to trying your hand at the 3DS version of the game to decide if you should get it or go for the Wii U version, which is pegged for a release in winter, Nintendo will be providing demos of the game at SDCC.

Nintendo has recently announced a new initiative at SDCC where attendees will be able to request for Super Smash Bros. demos simply by tweeting at Nintendo. As you can see in the instructions above, all the gamer would have to do is snap a photo of their location, tweet it with the appropriate hashtag, and if they’re lucky a Nintendo representative will make their way towards them with the game in hand for them to try. Read full post →Nintendo To Offer Super Smash Bros. 3DS Demos At SDCC

apple store chinaApple has faced multiple lawsuits in the past, and we guess this comes with the territory of being one of the larger tech companies in the world. Well it looks like this time Apple is hit with a new lawsuit, and no, it’s not from a disgruntled customers, patent trolls, or one of their many rivals in the industry, but instead it is a class action lawsuit filed on the behalf of over 20,000 Apple employees.

According to the report from TechCrunch, the lawsuit alleges that Apple had violated labor laws of over 20,000 of their employees, claiming that the Cupertino company had failed to pay timely wages to their employees amongst other things. The lawsuit was actually filed back in 2011 by four former Apple employees working in retail and corporate, but has since been certified as a class action lawsuit yesterday. Read full post →Apple Hit With Class Action Lawsuit Over Alleged Labor Violations