Entering the time in Excel is very easy. However, knowing the exact methods to do so will be more helpful. Suppose, you want to display the date along with the time, or if you simply want the time to update as per when the document is accessed. Read full post →How To Enter Time And Date In Excel

With the number of eyes glued to Facebook on a daily basis, it isn’t surprising that Facebook is trying to leverage its active users and turn themselves into a platform for videos, such as sports and entertainment. In fact according to a report from Deadline, Facebook has recently nabbed actress Jada Pinkett Smith to be a host on a new talk show series. Read full post →Jada Pinkett Smith To Host New Facebook Talk Show Series

Image credit – Wilf Moralee/Google Product Forums

These days with high-resolution displays, seeing pixelated images almost feels like a thing of the past. Unfortunately sometimes mistakes happen, which seems to be the case for some Android Auto users who are claiming that their Android Auto head units are looking “pixelated”, as you can see in the image above. Read full post →Google Looking Into Why Android Auto Looks Pixelated For Some

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Last year Twitter announced that they planned to introduce a bookmarking feature in which users could privately save tweets. The feature shortly after went into private testing, but now a report from 9to5Google has revealed that the “Bookmarks” feature was spotted in the latest beta for Twitter’s Android app. Read full post →Twitter For Android Testing ‘Bookmarks’ Feature

Last year Microsoft announced Age of Empires: Definitive Edition. The game was originally intended for a release in 2017, but in the later part of the year, Microsoft announced that the game would now be delayed until 2018. The good news is that despite the delay, gamers won’t have to wait much longer to play it. Read full post →Age of Empires: Definitive Edition Confirmed For February 20 Launch

If there is one aspect of the iPhone X that is hard to ignore, it would be the fact that at the top part of the screen, there is a huge notch where Apple houses the front-facing camera, speakers, and also the TrueDepth camera components. While many reviewers claim that you will eventually learn to ignore the notch, the fact that it is there seems to bother quite a few. Read full post →Samsung Patent Potentially Solves The iPhone X’s Notch Design Issue

The original iterations of the Tomb Raider video game franchise was somewhat lighthearted compared to the remake of the series. The remake presents itself as a darker game and where Lara Croft shows a more vulnerable side to her character, which we guess in a way draws the gamer in. Read full post →Second Tomb Raider Movie Trailer Released

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Official repair work for mobile phones can be expensive, which we suppose part of the price is for peace of mind knowing that what you pay for are official parts. However for those who aren’t too fussed, this is where third-party repair shops come in, but that’s where the “Right to repair” bill comes in, where it offers the best of both worlds. Read full post →‘Right To Repair’ Legislation Reportedly Gaining Traction

Recently you might have heard that there is a bug out there that affects Apple’s iPhones, where if you receive a message with a particular link, it could cause your iPhone to crash. However the good news is that Apple is on top of it already and according to a report from BuzzFeed News, the company has promised that a fix will be released next week. Read full post →Apple To Release Fix For iPhone Crashing Text Message Bug Next Week

While Twitch’s focus at the start was more on live video (and for the most part it still is), the company is starting to turn their attention towards pre-recorded videos, possibly in a bid to better compete against the likes of YouTube and Facebook. So much so that the company has recently announced a new set of tools designed for pre-recorded videos. Read full post →Twitch Launches ‘Video Producer’ Tools For Pre-Recorded Videos