iphone-7-plus-double-camera-BIs the iPhone 7 doing well? Or is it doing as bad as analysts had predicted? We guess it depends on who you are talking to. T-Mobile seems to suggest that sales are 4x more than the iPhone 6, while KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo thinks that the iPhone 7’s sales won’t be able to beat that of the iPhone 6s. Read full post →Pegatron’s Chairman Claims iPhone 7’s Demand Is Beating Forecasts

piracyPiracy is illegal, and more often than not people find themselves in hot legal water when caught. However sometimes developers come up with funny and interesting ways to deal with pirates, like with The Sims 4 where the entire game was “censored” when a pirated copy was detected. More recently, developer PM Studios actually reached out to the pirates and offered them a discount. Read full post →Game Dev Tracks Down Pirates And Leaves Them Thank You Notes

apple_logo2It has been widely speculated that Apple could be building their own electric car which internally is being referred to as “Project Titan”. There is some evidence of that happening as Apple has made many hires over the past couple of years of personnel that have some kind of automotive experience. Read full post →Apple’s Project Titan Might Not Necessarily Be About Building A Car

retina-imacTake a look at any Mac product by Apple right now and you’ll realize that the higher-end models all use AMD’s GPUs. This has been the case for the past few years, although in the past Apple has switched back and forth between AMD and NVIDIA, but like we said, the past few years has seen Apple stick with AMD’s products. Read full post →NVIDIA & Apple To Work Together On ‘Revolutionary’ New Products

So earlier this year, Netflix released the second season for Daredevil, and if you’re looking forward to the next installment of Marvel TV shows on Netflix, you might recall that come 30th of September, Netflix will be releasing its next TV series, Luke Cage. In the meantime, a new trailer for the show has been released, and boy are we hyped! Read full post →Netflix Releases New Luke Cage Trailer

here-parkingFinding a parking spot can prove to be tricky sometimes, especially if it’s somewhere you’re unfamiliar with, or if it is in a particularly popular area/mall. Apps to help you find parking aren’t new, and recently we’ve seen navigation apps such as Waze come up with some ideas on locating a parking spot. Read full post →German Carmakers Share Real Time Data To Help Find Parking Spots

While those of us outside of China might be more familiar with ride-sharing services such as Uber or Lyft, over in China, the leading ride-sharing company is Didi Chuxing who actually managed to outdo Uber, thus forcing Uber to sell their local operations to the company. Now it seems that not content with just ride-sharing, Didi Chuxing is looking into bike-sharing. Read full post →Forget Ride-Sharing, China’s Didi Chuxing Looks Into Bike-Sharing

twitter_logoA couple of days ago, a CNBC report revealed that big name tech companies such as Google could be considering placing a formal bid on Twitter. This isn’t the first time that the idea of someone acquiring Twitter has popped up. In fact in 2015, Google reportedly made an attempt, but was apparently rebuffed by Twitter. Read full post →Disney Could Also Be Considering Making A Bid For Twitter

s-pen-speakerSamsung’s S Pen accessory for their Galaxy Note series is more or less a stylus. It doesn’t really do anything, although it has the added advantage of being more functional than a regular stylus thanks to the Galaxy Note’s software that was designed around the S Pen. However a recently discovered patent could change that. Read full post →Samsung Patents An S Pen That Doubles As A Speaker

snapchat_spectaclesWhen Snapchat was first launched, it seemed like a novelty, but apparently it had enough potential for Facebook to offer the company a whopping $3 billion to acquire them, which the company turned down. Fast forward to today, it looks like the app is growing and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Read full post →Snapchat Now Boasts 60 Million Daily Active Users In The US & Canada