garmin oregon 550t gps

Garmin has just announced the release of two more personal navigation devices – the Oregon 550 and Oregon 550t. Both models feature a 3″ touchscreen display for easy navigation, a 3.2-megapixel camera (it’d better come with geotagging capability then) to capture your photos of your favorite haunts, a 3-axis compass, 850MB of internal storage and USB connectivity, all crammed into one waterproof chassis. The 550 will come pre-loaded with a worldwide basemap for $499.99, while the 550t has the advantage of pre-loaded topography maps of the whole US, although you will need to fork out another Benjamin on top of the $499.99. Both models are powered by a couple of AA batteries, so good thing each purchase comes with two precharged AA NiMH batteries to get you started.

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