When a woman is pregnant, she obviously needs to take care of her health, because her health also affects the baby’s health. There is undoubtedly a wealth of information out there that expecting mothers can read up on, but Garmin wants to make it a bit easier as they have introduced pregnancy tracking to their smartwatches.

With this new pregnancy tracking feature, expecting mothers will be able to check up on their pregnancy’s progress and will also be able to get information on how to improve their health before they give birth. The tracking feature will let users know how their overall fitness and performance changes during the course of pregnancy and will also be able to let users tweak their heart rate alerts.

It will let them set reminders for things like Kegel exercises, log their details and symptoms leading up to their pregnancy so that they can show doctors, and there will even be a built-in contraction timer to help users track their labor.

According to Susan Lyman, Garmin vice president of global consumer marketing, “The positive feedback we received when we launched menstrual cycle tracking was a clear indication that our female customers are looking for more opportunities to use technology to improve their health and fitness. It’s our hope that this pregnancy tracking feature helps women make sense of how their pregnancy ties into their active lifestyles and overall well-being.”

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