RoadMate 9250T-LMB GPS Announced By Magellan

Megallan has announced a new 7-inch personal navigation device (PND) today, called “RoadMate 9250T-LMB.” It comes equipped with a number of new features which, Megallan promises, will significantly improve on-road safety. For instance, RoadMate packs a Megallan Wireless Back-Up Camera which provides the driver with a rear view when the vehicle is in reverse (nice!).

Garmin Nuvi 3500 series GPS announced

[CES 2012] Today Garmin announced its newest flagship personal navigation devices – the Nuvi 3500 series. Featuring an ultra-thin form factor and a large 5″ display, the Nuvi 3500 series will have premium features such as the Guidance 3.0 engine, Digital 3D Traffic and compatibility with Smartphone Link. The navigation units will be available in a few models with different features: the 3590LMT which offers subscription-free Digital 3D Traffic (US […]

TomTom Go 2405 Preview

We got our hands on the new TomTom Go 2405 that launched earlier this month. The device comes with a capacitive displays, which is the standard in smartphones, but not so much in the GPS world. This is much nice to use for touch devices as the screen is more responsive. However, the really interesting features are in the software, namely: Continuous Routing and map crowd sourcing. Continous Routing is […]

Personal Navigation Devices (PNDs) will peak next year before the great decline

They say that what goes up must come down, so it is no surprise to read about global shipments of Personal Navigation Devices (PNDs) peaking at around 42 million units in 2011, followed by a gradual decline thereafter. Even with growing shipments in emerging markets such as Brazil, China, India and Russia are unable to stem the tide of decline in Europe and North America, which goes to show just […]


Motonav N765t Unboxing

We played with the Motonav N765 at Mobile World Congress (MWC), but we now have one in the office, as Motorola prepares to launch it in the U.S. For a quick overview of the functionalities, you can refer to our MWC post. right now, we want to share with you an unboxing photo gallery and a quick first impression of the physical aspect of the device along with a little […]

APSI C100 personal navigation system

APSI has released its latest personal navigation system device known as the C100, where it will be equipped with a GPS cradle alongside A/V connectivity while carrying the functionality of a slide-out touchscreen display portable media player. Physical controls are still there for in-car use which ought to be more user-friendly for drivers who do not want to fumble with on-screen buttons that provide no actual tactile feedback when pressed. […]

Sanyo Gorilla Lite personal navigation device

Sanyo is back with yet another personal navigation device – the Gorilla Lite, also known as the NV-LB50DT for those who prefer to talk in terms of model numbers. This device comes with a 5″ touchscreen display featuring brilliant LED backlight for greater image clarity, where that also helps slim down the device to just 18.8mm thin while boasting an automatic screen rotation sensor that is able to tell whether […]

Navigon 8410 GPS

The Navigon 8410 GPS is a 5″ personal navigation device (PND) that has a nice design, built with quality materials. The 5″ Touch display is big enough to see the map comfortably, but without becoming a clumsy device to install in a car. The Navigon 8410 comes with a voice recognition software called “Voice Interaction Pro” that is supposed to let you use voice commands. We wonder how effective this […]

Mio Moov V500 and V700 Now Feature Digital TV

Mio used Computex as a launch platform for its new Moov V500 and V700 GPS devices that feature a digital TV Tuner (DVB-T) . “The development of digital TV is already very mature worldwide, but so far the market demands for mobile TV solutions have still to be fulfilled” says Mio’s CEO. We don’t know if there’s such a demand for mobile TV (ask phone makers), especially when the TV […]

Garmin Releases Oregon 550 And Oregon 550t

Garmin has just announced the release of two more personal navigation devices – the Oregon 550 and Oregon 550t. Both models feature a 3″ touchscreen display for easy navigation, a 3.2-megapixel camera (it’d better come with geotagging capability then) to capture your photos of your favorite haunts, a 3-axis compass, 850MB of internal storage and USB connectivity, all crammed into one waterproof chassis. The 550 will come pre-loaded with a […]