Intel Intelligent Digital Signage Concept

Intel recently demonstrated its Intelligent Digital Signage Concept that measures a whopping 7′ 6″, boasting multi-user capability and multi-touch. This prototype could eventually revolutionize the way people interact with digital signage technology in a host of environments including (but not limited to) stores, airports, banks and hotels. Instead of current touchscreen displays at malls that cater to only one user at a time, a handful of consumers are able to use this side-by-side window display to explore a range of augmented reality-enabled maps of individual store floors. Apart from that, retailers have a more attractive method of getting their promotional messages across by superimposing images such as coupons and sales promotions next to product visualizations on the glass itself. It will be some time before such displays become mainstream in the market, but don’t be surprised when it appears at your local mall one fine day down the road.

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